Tamilnadu girl from tribal area scored 95% in CBSE X Board Exams

C Sreedevi, a class X student lives in the Poochukottamparai tribal settlement of Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tirupur District. She has beaten all odds and secured a 95% score in the class X CBSE Board Exams. Incidentally, she is the first girl in her community to achieve this feat

She is a student of the Nayaranagadi Model Residential School in Chalakudy, Kerala. Her achievement is a great motivation for girls in her tribal settlement, where most of them drop out of school due to lack of facilities.

The tribal settlement area she lives is in a very remote area and does not have electricity or a mobile network. The people in the area need to travel a few kilometres to even get proper mobile reception.

“I can hardly believe I have scored A-plus grades – more than 95% in my class X exams”.

C. Sreedevi – Class X student

She plans to continue her higher education in the same school. During the class X exams, India was in the midst of lockdown due to COVID 19. The Kerala State Government arranged a special vehicle to ensure that she was able to attend her exams.

M Chellamuthu, Sreedevi’s father said: “I am really proud that my daughter has scored good marks in the examination. Let people say whatever they want, I will ensure that she continues her studies further. We do not want to hide our children within the settlement and we want them to scale professional heights”

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